The Fine Print

  1. All prices and ‘valued at’ estimates published on our website exclude GST, unless stated otherwise.
  2. Google Analytics: This includes a standard Google Analytics setup comprising the setup of a Gmail account and insertion of Google tracking code. This does not include any special configurations of goals, conversions, events etc which will require specialist effort and additional budget.
  3. WebMaster Tools: This includes the verification of the Gmail account associated with Google Analytics and the configuration of the selected domains. This does not include the provision or interpretation of any reports/statistics – additional fees will apply when this becomes a requirement.
  4. Logo: We will produce between 3 to 5 logo designs for you to choose from. You will be able to select one of those presented upon which the Project […] team will refine the logo until you are 100 % satisfied with the result. All original source files will be provided as part of the project.
  5. Marketing Collateral: We will produce a business card and letterhead (3 variations max). If you require any other collateral additional fees may apply. Please consult with your representative to determine effort involved in creating other materials.
  6. Logo & Marketing Collateral substitute: If you already have a logo, letterhead and business card when you engage Project […] you can substitute these 3 items for $100 (Incl GST) worth of stock imagery (from Shutterstock or iStockPhoto) for use on your website.
  7. Domain name substitute (24 month plan only): If you already have a domain name when you engage Project […] you can substitute this item for $20 (Incl GST) worth of stock imagery (from Shutterstock or iStockPhoto) for use on your website.
  8. Market Analysis: Our team will research your market based on the feedback you provide in the marketing questionnaire and prepare a 1 to 2 page draft on your ideal customer. In addition we will make recommendations regarding social platforms and provide this as a 1 to 2 page document. It will not include a strategy for growing social followings or include effort on our part to establish or grow this on your behalf.
  9. Social Media Banners: We will provide one professionally designed banner resized for up to 5 social channels of your choice.
  10. Facebook campaign: If our market analysis indicates that Facebook is not a likely platform to reach your audience, you can substitute this item with another widely used social platform where you are likely to have traction. We will prepare any banners and advertising content for 1 Campaign and 1 Ad set with up to 2 ad variations, but image costs and campaign costs payable directly to Facebook are not included.
  11. Twitter campaign: If our market analysis indicates that Twitter is not a likely platform to reach your audience, you can substitute this item with another widely used social platform where you are likely to have traction. We will prepare any banners and advertising content for 2 Ads, but image costs and campaign costs payable directly to Twitter are not included.
  12. LinkedIn Campaign: If our market analysis indicates that LinkedIn is not a likely platform to reach your audience, you can substitute this item with another widely used social platform where you are likely to have traction. We will prepare any banners and advertising content for 1 Ad, but image costs and campaign costs payable directly to LinkedIn are not included.
  13. Website: Where additional design or functional development outside theme code is required additional charges will apply. The website development project does not include the purchase or provision of any content or images from copywriters or image libraries.
  14. WordPress Guide: The guide we provide will be sufficient to help you update general content areas of your website. It will not contain a detailed description of each developer function or custom website area. If this level of documentation is required additional charges will apply.
  15. Mailchimp: You have to select one of the supplied default Mailchimp templates to refine for your purposes. We will import your email database and set up your first newsletter and campaign, but where required, custom html designs will incur additional charges.
  16. Backups and Upgrades: We will perform monthly backups of your website content and update/upgrade themes and plugins will be scheduled on a quarterly basis as major releases become available.
  17. Consulting: Advice will be provided on any web or online marketing enquiries. This does not include a business coaching service.
  18. Domain Names: For domain names the minimum purchase period is 2 years. You will be liable to pay the additional ~$25 ex GST for the year not covered under this program.
  19. Hosting: This includes hosting on our Standard Starter Plan. Speak to your representative about additional charges where you expect high server loads or require additional server space for large website files.
  20. Project […] requires that you host your website with us for 2 years on the 24 month plan and for 1 year on the 12 month program (normally $160 ex GST per year). After contract expiry you are free to move your website to another hosting provider if you wish to. Additional charges apply if you require any assistance from the Project […] team to accomplish this.

How it works


In its simplest form the workflow will be as follows:

  1. Your signup and acceptance of terms and conditions;
  2. Your settlement of the first monthly payment (first month’s fees);
  3. Phone/skype/personal meeting with a Project […] consultant to determine the order of service execution (i.e. branding first, set up of email hosting etc) and an estimated timeframe for delivery of each item;
  4. Execution of each program item which includes:
    • Your completion of our questionnaire for the program item (e.g. complete our logo questionnaire prior to logo design or our marketing questionnaire before campaigning on social media);
    • Our clarification of requirements (if required);
    • Preparation of files or delivery of service by Project […] team (in a test environment where possible);
    • Your revision and feedback on our deliverables;
    • Your signoff on the deliverable when you are 100 % satisfied;
    • Execution or implementation by the Project […] team in the live environment.

Project […] is flexible with the order in which to execute the program inclusions and will be tailoring it based on your needs. Where possible and desired - pending resourcing constraints – we will even execute items in parallel!

Monthly instalments

You need to ensure that you pay your monthly instalments by the invoice due date, which will be on the monthly anniversary of project commencement. Failure to do this will result in monthly interest changes of 2.5 % on any overdue and outstanding balances, added to your subsequent monthly instalment payment.

Early exit from the program

Project […] has a 100% client retention rate – something we are extremely proud of. This is indicative of our commitment to our clients and our service delivery standards, so although we do not foresee a need for you to part ways with us, we understand that circumstances might change over time. We want to be flexible and fair in these circumstances, so we have an easy to understand and very reasonable exit policy to give you freedom to change with your circumstances.

If, for any reason, you need to abandon the program before its end date you will only be liable to pay for services or a proportion of the service(s) we have initiated with your consent. The value of each service item is published on the website and it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the latest ‘valued at’ prices at time of exit. Project […] reserves the right to revise prices from time to time and we recommend that you consult our price list prior to making the decision to exit from the program. Rest assured though that we are reasonable people who will consider each situation on a per-case basis when determining exit fees. Pro-rata charges will apply based on project phases and hours spent on each item.

No notice periods apply – we only require that you be up to date and not in arrears with your monthly payments. You will have to settle this before we will consider and process your request for termination.

If required we can update your invoice every month with services you will be liable for should you choose to exit when the associated invoice amount has been paid. This will make it easy for you to keep track of charges for services like maintenance and consulting which might apply at exit. Please request this from your representative if it is a requirement.


The following costs, items or services are deemed outside of scope of your engagement with Project […] unless otherwise negotiated. Additional charges may apply to bring them into scope:

  • Purchase of domain names excluded from our programs (roughly $25 ex GST per domain name per year)
  • Hosting not included in FirstBase12 (charged at $180 ex GST per year)
  • Images (bought from third party stock libraries)
  • Content writing services
  • Any advertising costs payable to third parties
  • Creation of campaign pages (landing)
  • Article writing
  • Custom e-mail templates or additional email templates
  • Training sessions, whether one-on-one or groups
  • E-commerce functionality including the configuration of Woo-commerce or shopping carts
  • Any other third party costs incurred during the life of your commitment.
  • Extensive Google Analytics setup/configuration e.g. goals, events etc
  • e-Mail migrations to our servers when hosting with us.

In special circumstances we will allow clients to swap out entire project inclusions for other design, development or marketing work required in their normal course of business (e.g. extensive marketing campaigns, design of roller banners etc) but this is entirely in our discretion. Where we do allow this please note that only the material cost of the service you are substituting will count towards to additional project, not the value as advertised on the website. For instance, if you do not require a Facebook campaign (valued at $400 on the website) but are in need of a roller banner design for a special event, we will credit your roller banner design project with the material cost of the Facebook campaign (e.g. $200).